The Entanglectic Chaos

You know, I felt this odd feeling, kinda like that bright, cheery insight that makes the more cosmic conscious person keep wondering and leads them to chase that “meta” path unknown but well appreciated. It is there and only there when it is evident through the eye witness view of those who touching, harnessing and releasing energy see the success in the energy work that is attempted, manifested and in the end, well deserved gain due to one’s perseverance. I don’t know why that I would get this kind of a deal of a lifetime of power such as my present abilities then when I was so low and was in naught because that is how the public portrayed me. I rose out of the shackles of addiction with my mind  and became this green thing that keeps New York from folding inward but I have to honestly say that most of it wasn’t and isn’t my doing ~ I swear! And my part was complete.



I don’t know why I’m a crack-head, I mean, yeah, I know that it’s not such a pleasant thing to read, hear, see, experience…I don’t know I’m just being honest. I’m a good survivor. I know what to ask for and when to ask for it. I can’t stand to be part of the never-ending, meat-grinding circus of a structure here in this place but where everyone is dying to win The Big Apple!

Frankly, it is exhausting just knowing about it. I am not one of these everyday people ya know. It took something real different to get me to this place…something to live and to wanna die for.


The Black Foggy Thing

It was a cold, wet, boring afternoon. The skies were grey.  I just got off with the day’s pay and I thought to myself, “Damn, I used to do these same jobs for corporate”. Barely bringing home a c-note a day, I knew I had to do something but didn’t think things would turn out the way they did. Life was not looking so great with all the bills and the car, the brownstone, my habit (which was running me into unforgiving sociopaths and wondering when my kneeling and believing something urgent was going to happen). This was my last bit of life. I’m 48, I’m in the best shape of my life. I feel like the church and me playing these keys of death which are supposed to be life turn into this sick psychotic public bathroom toilet paper wheel. It just keeps going around, never to suffice. I dare the rouge believe this lie that he can conquer this all the way to the citadel of this perfect star which is what the ancients intended. No, I know…I’m being negative but don’t worry, it will pass.

Well I was just getting dropped off when I saw this lady come to this creepy looking dude which was so strange to find this guy outside my property with no shirt on talking to this ranting young female who didn’t look so well.  She began to just go about how he is lifeless in his gift- baring for love; that he didn’t even love himself.

“This is why you’re so unhappy Darren!”

“I hate myself!  That’s not a creepy dude. That’s my son!”

And that is where the root of co-dependency comes from.

I don’t need this.

It’s yours and I’m not going to be another one of your strange love chasing escapades like some kind of pill head!

Sound familiar…and this can’t possibly have any bearing on why and or how things are screwed up in this world, and I’m the criminal here.

“Come on Lacey, can’t we just discuss this?”

The girl left an entire encyclopedia on all the garbage that just got taken out by all the brownstones and all the apartment custodians on the block; man, that junk was no junk. Shoot, the New York City streets know me! I’m a mover and a shaker, a schmoozer and a motivator ~ ya dig? I see money, I gotta have it. It ain’t no different than any of the former leaders of the world. I walked over to Darren and he got slapped with a surprise from Isis; he thought his pops was gonna look like an ol’ head. Hahahaha!

The girl jumped in her ride and took off beatin’ up the streets; system booming. My little ol’ dude just walked away into my cellar so I chased after him.

“Say man, you just can’t be walking up onto anyone’s property….”

“Who the hell are you?”

“It’s me Fred, your dad…what’s wrong you don’t remember me?”

“Oh hey, yeah well, I just broke up with my girlfriend and I’m homeless!”

“You’re speakin’ lies In the universe son…psych ah ha haah…oh come on mayn. Look, you can’t let one girl let you… ”

“Excuse ME? Wow, I can’t believe your sorry ass doesn’t even remember…DAD!”

“Now I’ma let you slide but any more getting sassy and I’ma show you who’s king!”


Man, you guys ever seen Poltergeist? Where the girl sees the monster and she’s in the hallway and all of a sudden high pitched violin strums like someone is about to get it and the view from the point in which you’re standing all of a sudden draws you back with that immense fear gripping your soul! I just now am starting to come out of this amnesia for good and my heart was about to explode!  I know what he’s about to say and I just don’t want to hear it.

“So how’s school?”

“I’m a doctor…Hello, I just graduated medical school!”

“Ya, your dad’s been sick…you know I got that stomach prob..”

“Don’t give me that crap! You know I am hip to your dirt. You ain’t gotta hide. I’m not the CIA trying to find out where you are. I’m your son!”

I tried to mess with his head because after all, I’m a crack-head and I can’t handle no truth right now.  I’m liable to choke somebody the hell out!

“Look D, you know I’m just trying to find something. Your Mom shredded my brains when she left.”


“Yeahhhhh…I know, I know… but I’m doing research and I know I’m going to have the end result to this cure.”

“Dad…Stop! There’s no cure right now but you needing one. How the hell can you cure the world when you need to be cured?!?  I SWEAR TO GOD!”

“ALRIGHT!  Okay. I’m sorry. I get it.”

“Sorry, oh come on Dad, I have your brains…I think but I’m not an idiot. I know your just saying all this because of your struggle and I don’t know what to tell you about your stupid gene or reversal code…you’ve been working on that gene code since I was 14. You told me that I would have everything I ever wanted. Then I watched you barely making it doing fly by nights to Moscow for the CIA just to pay the rent and the bills and yes my schooling but still. You’re better then this, Dad…more magical then most men but I don’t know. All I know is you’re Fredrick Attah, Extraordinaire....”

“Uh…Sorry about your girlfriend…what the heck are those books?”

“OH THAT…Well, to hell with my love life, uh…I’m just gonna tell you this Daddio; don’t mess around with fire because you will get burned. That encyclopedia is worth 13,000 smackeroons and I’m glad the garbage is coming because that shyt don’t want to be saged away and I keep on losing everything so before I get kicked out of school because of something I’m not even serious about let’s say bye bye to it, eh.”

Sage?…I don’t know what the hell that boy is talkin about but there’s a time in a man’s life when he needs to make a conscious effort at making the miracle happen for the love of smoking crack and getting high. Muahahaha Yeah that’s right people, I said it! It’s grinding time for all the freedom poachers world-wide! THE REVOLUTION SHALL NOT BE TELEVISED.  I REPEAT: THE REVOLUTION SHALL NOT BE TELEVISED. And ya betta not ask how to do it later!

So here it is:


I was about to offer these two strong homies walkin’ down the block some money to help me carry these books up the stairs, when all of a sudden, la policia must have not liked my energy because as soon as he seen me, he reached for his radio and I knew it woulda been the mistake of his career and a weekend getting’ bit in the ass by Washington.  I was running like Carl Weathers from Rocky 3.  I then had to zip all the way to the psychotic-looking Puerto Rican brother doing his job as an NYC cop.  His vibes interrupted me while I was attempting to make a nice buck for myself so as to not make a mancha on the CIA because of my appointed crack-paycheck and the black cloud that follows it because of the CIA and that’s why I decided to think fast. I’m so honest and as a police officer radioing in for help for the city at this time was not going to help America, nor good ol’ Agent Fredrick.  I had to physically remove  the radio from his hands and call in my Central Intelligence code for the state of New York.


“Ohhh, mah bad man, I’m just trying to save the department from getting sued. You know maybe they’ll fire you because I am policia…So you’re welcome”

“Thank you con excuse me, sir. Please, don’t go anywhere!”

Officer Ramirez radioed in as any upstanding men of NYPD Blue do.

“Officer Ramirez to base…who is this man?”

“As you were Officer Ramirez, that is internal affairs.”

“Disregard, over…my mistake sir!”

“Ok….well, don’t worry, you’re doing fine, just use your intuition every time and it will never fail you. Take it slow, Officer Ramirez.”


Poor guy looked at me like he hated to meet me.


Luck has found its way to me.  I nodded my head and gave the thumbs up to the new officer and motioned over at the scrappers with some cash. I was just too tired to deal with the rest of this day so I paid them to take the books up to my room. I was never so happy in my whole life. I don’t know why. I guess I thought I was going to hit the jack pot at Cardigan’s Pawn Shop but due to the interruption by alleged caring angelic forces, looks like tonight was supposed to be something else. That, plus Cephar Cardigan gets high…so high he re-enacts plane scenes from movies but that’s from his brain being fried.  What a friggin fiend! He can’t stop…the poor rich bastard needs help so, HERE I AM!!! Yeah, it’s gonna be a nice time, wait you’ll see.

So this Metaphysical Encyclopedia gotta be worth several thousands. Let’s see, let me think…I’ll give the whole package up for 5 G’s, you know I’m getting that.

Cardigan’s is the best place for pawning anything, and get this…they’re past net worth history is due to books. Go figure…they should be famous like on national television or something. Shoot, I got to have one more real good night before I say goodbye to this weight on my back. These days this monkey is made of iron.

I had slept so cozy that night. I didn’t have a bite to eat or a spirit to drink. I didn’t even watch TV. I knew my son living with me had something to do with fighting with his mom’s boyfriends and his girl because she was the last stop before me. So now he’s going to be in and out like always. Never wanting to chill with his dad but that’s ok, you know we love just to see them shine and do their thing. I’m just going to enjoy this night.

As I fell into this deep sleep, I saw a blob-like fog that was very strange with many weird colors and it was all coming out of my head and then this feel of fright came over me and I began to scream so loud. I don’t know but I guess in my dream, it felt like someone was trying to kill me. I woke up screaming.


I began to see the walls breathe and something growl and laugh that didn’t seem the same size as a human!


I looked down and saw all the books of the encyclopedia on the rug on top of this black thick molasses like black oil sludge or something. I was pissed as hell!

“What the frig is going on! I’m going to get high now even if I have to smack somebody, you know I hate that!”

I might be a crack head but I am clean and my home is cleaner than your faces! I had this plan to get high and now it’s frigged up! So I looked down and the books by the way, are long and thick and I went to pick them up almost with a crack tear in my eye and to my surprise they disappeared. It was a weird energy perhaps or maybe these drugs are getting to me. Well, see now I don’t have to sulk in my crack tendencies now, nor my crack emotions, my crack ego of thinking.  I could solve my crack problem with the easiest and quickest way because my English mobster friend/book store owner would totally not only pay me a great deal for these books but repay me with crack gifts. God, I need to change!

I was so glad that I was just hallucinating from the prior crack in my life yet somehow there was this still small voice inside saying that something was doing all that weird shyt to me and that some strange-ling floating around I guess, is the one to blame but that it’s helping me.  BUT WHY???? Yeah, it’s the crack.


I could be totally wrong and the reason why all this well, I hate to admit it but…well the truth is I’m a wi…naaaa, let’s talk about that later. I don’t know why buy I’m getting a female eye to keep these books. Hmmm, how strange…am I high or is this something like a thing or a mist??? HUH?


WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? So weird, I just heard a sound like somebody getting up from a chair in the kitchen and I know that boy lays on the couch or he’s just gone. When he comes home, he just lies on the couch and would order a pizza or Karina’s Dominican Restaurante just up the ways on 116th.

The book shelf needs to be one of them huge oak ones that part so I can fit many more glorious books…WAIT, what the hell am I saying, I gotta sell these books.

“OH SHYT, there’s a huge mist!”

This mist was so huge and it filled the entire apartment because I had certain sections in the floor where I got that thick tile that you can’t get because it’s only for doctor’s offices, which is my other job, and we’ll get to that but first let me finish telling you about what the crazy crap that’s going on right now. The tile was thick and clear and I attached mini high beam track lighting so that you can see who’s on the mid-level floor and the first floor.

This mist formed a unit and made a path to this dark area of my home which at the time I was surprised that I’ve never seen this amazing area of my own home before. Even though I swore I’ve seen every inch of my own damn house. I was wondering how it just appeared and how it became because I don’t remember the room. I turned all the lights on in the house. My son was out and about with his club buds so I wasn’t concerned there. I saw that the books lead into the room that was completely dark, I mean, you couldn’t even see past half a foot in the room.  There was this black darkness that just clouded and covered the entire room even if you shined a flash light on it. I waited till the morning light to pick up the books. SO WHAT, YOU WOULD DO THE SAME THING!

I took the books out of my house and brought them to the huge bookstore/factory. Man, Cardigan’s Book Emporium is the biggest big shop in Harlem. It has 3 floors of used, new and all kinds of fun stuff and electronics to buy. On the 3rd floor they have some Indian religion meditating stuff, but that’s boring. I figured what a great place to get a deal. I’ll be in and out of there in no time. I’ll be back but this time to the basement where we get down with the high end dinner thieves.

All of a sudden, I stopped…I didn’t know what to do. I totally forgot that I owed that lady, Maria, 40 bucks. I lied to her and told her that I got fired from my job and that I needed the money to get food. Of course, I chased the dragon that night.

“So now I must face the music and probably lose a few hundred on this deal.”

CLING CLANG (doorbells)

“Good Afternoon…I”


“WELL HOLD ON NOW! You know I’m trying to solve my problems, Maria. You don’t have to get all huffy.  JUST LOOK, I brought you something really great. I bet we can work out a deal and I can pay you back for that day. What do you say 200?”

“You want me to give you 200 for this?”

“Nooo…no, I just want to give you 200 for selling it…It’s worth 20,000.”

“You’ll never change…WOW, 20 G’s and he wants to give me 200…HA!”

“Look, let’s talk numbers…Waddaya say, Maria? My treat – dinner?  Well, you pay but I swear, I’ll pay you back…Look, you know I got this. If you could sell it then you could make money right back, no?”

“Look Fredrico chicko, before you think you could come in here like a knight on a white horse, I’m going to do some investigating. And don’t throw me no lines, my mind ‘ll take care of everything like always Fredrick! I’ve been working the market’s hireling long enough to see when something is good or ba…Oh just leave them and I will see you tomorrow Fredrick.”

“GREAT! I will enjoy my night and look forward to…”

“SHUT UP, FREDRICK.  I will call you…uh, don’t call me please…with all that cell reversal talk…gosh no wonder you can’t find a date.”

Man, so weird how I just went home that night smiling. I tell you I was feeling so peculiar about not knowing whether I was happy about getting the money or actually making things right with Maria. Damn, it’s been a week since I have not got high. I’m just about the only crack head that doesn’t steal. So, I guess I’m going to get so high that I just don’t care what happens. My son is going to be ok. I am glad.



This electricity zapped from the sky like lighting and zapped my side. Man, I was just feeling worse than a come down. I don’t know what to do.  I’m bleeding and I need to catch a cab. I gotta get to St. Mary’s Hospital downtown. I know a girl there that would just let me be seen. Ok, here is the deal:  I got this doctor job and I was given $5,000 by this gangster custodian to get a pound of marijuana but I spent it, so that is probably why my lie is going to come out to be true.

“Say, what the hell…ELECTRICITY!!!”

Electrical currents began to engage all around and in my hands and I pointed it to the ground and it electrocuted the ground and then all of a sudden it stopped.

“Hit me again, lightning or whatever your name is.”

I wasn’t sure if it was a lightning god but the first time it hit me it hurt like hell. I guess I can’t worry about that right now because I wouldn’t know what to do to get that electricity back in my control, I wanna try that again.

The simple fact that my father, who I saw 6 times in my life, is a rich King doctor from Nigeria who got me this job and paid my mom’s rent since I was a baby, paid my medical school and introduced me to African Consulate people who got me in the CIA and I really don’t want to hear his lectures right now about how I’m a loser. I’m addicted to drugs, not a loser!

I started to fade out walking home in the street. I lived on l02 and 2nd ave. I had to get home. I just faded and fell. Neighbors say that the ambulance came and dropped me off. Everyone was wondering why. Most paramedics don’t even have time for that here in the NYC. I woke up and it was 3 days later. Maria called and she was so pissed, she left like 3 messages. The first one was about a buyer who saw the ad and offered a $50,000 for the set.

“Hello Fredrick, in-case you forgot, let me remind you that you left some books here at Cardigan’s Book Emporium and YOU OWE ME!!! This guy saw the ad that went out in the Daily News this morning because you know Ceph got it like that and well, I guess the guy figured that someone would try to get it so he offered me 50,000 plus extra money and I told him yes. He came and bought it and paid in cash. I threw a party that night because I was pissed that some creepy happenings occurred and I thought you just set me up. I thought something was wrong so I just kept leaving messages anyway because I knew I would see you again…You better call me back stupid ass! Anyway the rich guy called freaking out saying that there is a purple blob that came out from his backyard lawn. Yeah, he’s loony. He had his goons come in here, drop the books off and we gave him his money back but before they even told us who they were and why they were walking in here giving everyone and their grandmothers the evil eye they began to laugh at people. Due to the antagonizing of the chro-mags, I told him that I spent a 1,000 dollars and he gave me a thousand for my troubles. They sure know how to treat a lady. I was ok but still didn’t like what I went through and now the books are winding up tore up and on the floor. Fredrick – CALL ME BACK OR COME PICK YOUR ENCYCLOPEDIA FROM HELL UP OR I’M GOING TO BURN THEM! Don’t you read!? It says the complete Encyclopedia of Ancient Egyptian Black Magic and Witchcraft. Right there is where I saw my life flash before my eyes. When I was a kid in Nigeria I was told that witches were in my family and not to ever be afraid because it could help you but I wasn’t trying to hear that mess. It was illegal to practice dark arts in Africa at the time and all I cared about was being a doctor. I’ve been getting a head start since birth. My uncle uNjo (oonjoe) was a brain surgeon and was my dad’s much older brother and best friend. My dad loved his brother uNjo and only wanted to be like him because their father kidnapped when they were very young but was later assassinated by rebels due to some political shyt in Nigeria. My dad was a young physician in Nigeria but was not good with death or family dying so they made him operate on his own big brother and he just couldn’t concentrate because his emotion overtook the whole situation. So, the Nigerian government blamed my father for not removing hundreds of bullets that was going to be impossible anyway for any individual to survive that much loss of blood. The government of Nigeria then threatened my dad to kill my mom.  I was about 3 months cooked in my mom’s stomach and I don’t think she was going to be too happy living there – in Afrika that is. I mean, imagine the postpartum depression that was about to take place if she didn’t get out of there.

I can’t sell these books, I really can’t. I can’t keep going on like this in my life either. I’m going to go all the way with these books because the truth is I was told since I was a little kid that I was a witchdoctor and that if I didn’t go all the way with this gift that my life would be ruined.

I actually just had the thought of leaving the crack, the doctor life-chasing, the booze, the women…. I know I said this before but this is different. I’m going to do it. Let me tell you where this magical craft in my bloodline all started:

Thousands of years ago, there was a face of the sweetest smile of sunshine Egyptian exoteric sunshine Queen and her name was Eztoziah. Queen Eztozia ruled a large part of Afrika near Morocco and Egypt. The knowings of the Queen were utopic because she was everything to everyone. As a child, Eztoziah was fearless and the people could not believe that she was a girl due to her copying every valiant move that the soldiers and those men of warrior state made as if they would to move in bbattle swinging and wielding their sword in training early in the morning. Little Eztoziah would be up and dressed for battle. The army would smile and laugh when Eztoziah would wave her father’s sword and battle gear. Little ol’ Eztoziah was ready to die and she didn’t even get her period yet. Eztoziah’s father, Magozo was a governor of the leaders, captains and lieutenants in Egypt’s army and in the city as a mediator to all the problems. One day Magozo ordered his daughter to the institute of teachers where the kingdom of Egypt would send wise men from all over the world. At the time, it was unheard of to allow a woman to have authority over a man and Magozo knew that it would be an outrage so he decided to send her as a liaison to all the students and to help them with questions that the wise men didn’t want to answer. When Magozo told Eztoziah that she was not going to be in the army even though she lived, ate and breathed battle tactics and violent dances that lead men to death. On Magozo’s bad, was the fact that he knew that she was a miracle child because she had secret knowledge and no one knew how she knew but she knew things that the mystics would sit quietly humbled as she spoke. So instead of frustrating the entire continent of Afrika, he would make things right by giving her a position of small political power. He figure she didn’t have to do anything and thought she would be satisfied but oh boy, was the king dead wrong.

“Eztoziaaaaah, dear …wont you come with me and walk, I want to discuss something with you.”

“Oh Father, thank you, thank you! I knew that you would allow me to fight!”

The sunlight hit and glistened his daughter’s eyes and Magozo’s heart was shattered but he was a strong man and was able to compose himself quickly.

“You know Eztoziah, I love you dearly and it would be a heartache of a saint to see anything happen to you.”

“Oh father please, you’ve seen your closest friends die and you persevered thus far and you seem fine to me. Now, let me fight!”

“Eztoziah, why do you take your mother’s death and use it for gain and instead bring destruction?  You believe that you will be avenged or made felt as if things will be right with your mother’s death. You know that is not the way of our people.”

“So you’re not going to let me fight?”

“Eztoziah, I need you to go to Europa to teach. You see, they sent the King enough gold to feed the poor and everyone for many years to come. You must please do this for me and the King.”

“You will regret rejecting your own daughter!!!”

“Eztoziah, where are you going? Please don’t run off! The King will never allow you to fight! This is out of my hands, dear daughter!”

Eztoziah was no fool. She knew that her father didn’t have the power to allow this to happen but it was the calling of this spirit. You see behind her father’s back, Eztoziah would chase the veda type spirits that were calling her because of her hard and settled heart. Eztoziah was just about done with Egypt and was furious with existence due to the simple fact that her allowing the bonding of fear didn’t help her awakening to a greatness that was waiting for her in the void, the Qliphoth.

Little tough-as-hell Eztoziah ran away and decided to go to a place near the East, where people are happy and free – but little did Eztoziah know, that with happiness and freedom, a price would come.  She was just too young to understand.

This unstable but gorgeous Egyptian princess began to question everything on her way to the East began to stop along the way and help people and they would give her silver and gold coins and told her she was very strong for a little girl. Little they knew that she could very well defend them against thieves and murderers. Well on the road, Eztoziah also was given some reciprocity to her thinking out loud and was told that questioning everything was the spirit of Blue Light and that it would bring success and not to listen to the old tales of the quiet, overly humbled people because they would only bestow fear unto her soul. That is what was done with their type for many, many years and never tell people or show them of your power and knowledge because people just don’t deserve to know.

Eztoziah faced so many scary and beautiful experiences along the way, but this one time was funny because a very great but strange thing happened.

“What is this?”

It was the full moon and a green, purple and red sphere began to appear and swirl in a juggle, creating the numbers 666 in a sort of motion. This is the same symbol found in The Book of the Dead.

A gate opened and Eztoziah walked through it valiant and all. Perhaps a bit young and frustrated but she was not afraid and that was for sure because she was about to face something very unimaginable.

“Hello my child.”

“You’re a crocodile!”

“You’re not a dumb Princess.”

“How did you know I was a princess? Do you think I look like a princess?”

“Quite huffy for such a young beautiful girl! Why don’t you come closer?”

“Not until you tell me why I’m here.”

“Okay, that sounds fair. I believe you are chosen, my dear. You see, we see our people being tricked and much time travel taking place to destroy Afrika and its people so we, “the underground,” thought it wise to move your soul to the craft because of your valiant heart.”

“What…I’m a warrior!”

“You’re a princess.”

“I’m…so what, I know I’m a princess!”

“A princess with magical powers to help our people in the future!”

“Hee hee.  And how do you suppose I will help those in the future, my mystical green friend?”

“With your red sphere!”

“Wait, what are you saying? Those spheres are mine now?”

“Not now but always was. They are spirits that have been with you since before you chose to become human in your mother’s womb and this is why you are so strong for a little girl and wanting to fight in your father’s army.”

“Okay this story is just getting too complicated!”

“Eztoziah, I’m your grandfather.


The giant crocodile spirit shook his head yes and young Eztoziah embraced her grandfather’s spirit and accepted the transmogrifying of her body to shape-shifting at the point of saving lives and possessing those who were meant to change the lives of millions.

This life in Ethiopia which Eztoziah chose was not an easy one. This mission was only of the worthy and fearless because these were horrific times. Eztoziah learned quickly to keep her mouth shut because she just wasn’t in Egypt anymore. Right away Eztoziah thought of the Light & Love and couldn’t believe that she began to let go of fighting in an army and that it only mattered for her to be able to defend herself and others like the weak.

She had no problem feeling happy before her mother’s death but just the conversation of sad things alone was death to all light cell bodies, which she now was thanks to her grandfather, Ifu. Little Eztoziah wasn’t so little anymore and she began to scry visions of her father back in Egypt.  He was old and when she left, no one was there to care for him as he became very elderly. Eztoziah was able to now interfere with the affairs of the King and his army because she was able to use the elements and energy and her mind to make people do what she wanted. Here is where Eztoziah learns the hard way that you can’t turn your back on spirits. Eztoziah had vague memories of being with her father and the people she knew in her village in person and just started to sob and lose control. Eztoziah opened herself to a spirit which was loose and well, she had a little too much wine and a spirit was able to get in her head. Eztoziah began to look at the world with a zealous view and her family at the same time and thought how crazy she was and how guilty she felt for leaving. Heartbroken times hit but this princess trooper began to trans-spell sound as the THOTH because of the injustice before her as a child. The people of her kingdom loved her and adored her presence. She never stopped smiling unless she was making a face of total loving astonishment.

Eztoziah made the mistake of not calling the name of the energy she wanted for her specific purpose but she was so emotional that she didn’t realize she was making a mistake.

This energy began to show itself to her and he was dressed like the soldiers of the Ming Dynasty but was black and high green and wore lines all over his fitted silk attire.  His black boots had this black hardened material that was shiny and sparkly and was embedded in his hands head and feet – the same like he showed her in a book in Meridian tongue called “The Book of the Dead”.  From what was compiled through the years of being shown the way of the first born of the all the stars, she had flashbacks of her family beating her for merely mentioning the thought of magik – that it was really looking good and interesting but it was a trick. This soldier was there to entice her to continue after her father when her grandfather told her to stay in Ethiopia and complete a mission so that she can receive further instruction. She then knew that the truth about everything was that it wasn’t about good or bad but about what a person does with power in their hand because she couldn’t stop failing even after she was given the greatest power. She attempted to tell her company-men who accepted her for being a woman because she saved these band of African Soldiers against Rome who wanted to kill them but Eztoziah fought them all off and they  retreated in fear because not only a young beautiful girl just handed them their rear ends.  She levitated and shot out fire from her sword and that was enough for Roman warriors to take off.  This occurring, everyone thought what they knew was the truth –  some lies were certain and more deeply in others. The army manifested fear and became slaves to it.

The spirit of her Ifu appears once again.

“Eztoziah, what are you doing?”

“But Ifu, he’s your son!”

“That’s not the point! I already had that taken care of. It was you who chose to work your craft irresponsibly and now you made the biggest mistake of your life.”

“How, I thought I was doing a good thing, no?”

“Eztoziah, you are the great, great, great plus a thousand years of a great-grandmother of a young man who is going to change the medical industry in the future in a land called The Big Apple”.

“So there is going to be a giant apple where I would be the Ancestor and Possessor of a soul who is allegedly my blood?”

“Okay you know what?  I don’t want to do this anymore.”

“First of all, it’s not alleged because it’s me – Ifu who’s telling you and second, what do you mean you don’t want to do this anymore?”

Eztoziah retracted and heart broken and all she was told to fix everything she needed to leave Ethiopia and travel to France to possess a man named Vigor; fight so that it would help save the people of France so they would find favor is his educational and metaphysical discovery of the truth of Afrika and this would preserve many things in the future.

Vigor the Great was a Metaphysician who fought for the recognition and richness of Afrika because France only dipped their necessities to the “meta-arts” but disregarded to defer to the gods and its origin. France didn’t want to give Afrika the credit and well, they only wanted what they wanted and didn’t take into consideration the rest of the world. I guess money can get to you. So Vigor, before he died, knew the truth about a lot of things and was threatened not to reveal them but Vigor knew that if he didn’t then the world was surely doomed.  So he decided to make a speech at this ball.

“I don’t have to be here today because of the greatness and the truth of Afrika.  But since I’ve been given this opportunity, I would just like to say that no matter what assignment is presented to the gods of the alignment over the humans of earth, never forget that we are one star cell bodies who have been given power to raise all elements and we’re meant to conquer this entire existence with love.”

The energy was not just a shift but a giant vortex of hate and disgust. All the people hated Vigor because they were afraid that all would be lost with him bringing the truth to the rest of the world. There was no room for wealth except to help Afrika. Vigor was then slain and those who captured the body of Vigor the Great who followed the way of the transmogrification of the humid green nature, entombed it and held a vigil for this great French meta-physicist.  But when French officials of that time saw this, they took his body and it was never ever found until it was discovered by a poor farmer. You see the king of France at the time had Vigor’s body kidnapped and because they were all so damn hard headed, they thought they were hurting the people by taking his body to Afrika.  What the King failed to realize was that he was really helping the people of Afrika.

The King told all the courtship that the reason why Vigor’s life ended up the way it did was because he was a witch and he killed children and the king new that the people would listen to that and hate him even more and carry on the story anyways.

The enemies of Vigor had told the people that he was a practitioner of evil and that he liked to eat children and use animals to trick people so that he could kill them; that it was them who saw it favorable and that they were filled with special abilities but that if they ever left France, their powers would diminish. The people believed the story because it wasn’t that the people didn’t have any light in them whatsoever, it was that they believed from hundreds of years back that darkness was not good for people because it kills. Vigor was the type that could not see the truth in the lie and let it slide but this is what you call a man’s man, a good person. They went about creating cosmic walls between Afrika and their people. France had not an ounce of reasoning at the time. This caused many people to frustrate the Universe with thoughts that were a strange vibe that was going to and fro on the earth, confusing everyone. This force tricked people into believing that if it wasn’t exactly like them, then it wasn’t acceptable to dwell with. This caused many people to spread conjures against Afrika. Many of the children of Afrika were held in a state of perpetual madness and began to give in to the confusing force. Afrika began to fight back, but instead of fighting metaphysically and taking rein as King of this planet, they believed the lie. Many energies that were jealous of Afrika were the cause of all this, but how and for what reason? What is the truth of Afrika? Is it the first born?

Then the green crocodile-like spirit of Eztoziah’s grandfather needed to reunite the magik energy of his granddaughter to her rightful hands but this time with the help of his god, Sobek.  Vigor was now transmogrified into a god.  There were two different kinds of gods. As a matter of a fact, Vigor is Euro Energy but has found its heart towards the beginning. Vigor and Sobek were friends and would council with each other in terms of just venting or perhaps solving the most difficult of problems among the certain places and cultures. Both of the gods had planned to create half animal and half human gods to help the future of Afrika because of some plan that England, Spain, Rome and France had cooked up behind the world’s back to rule but in a super vicious way which would lead to the total and global enslavement of the world. Since Vigor & Sobek already ruled in many parts of Afrika and the rest of the world, they chose a human to help them. One who was very much like Enoch. So they were evoked and petitioned by Ifu to help Eztoziah raise a warrior to protect her while she would work the craft that it took taught by Vigor and Sobek to create half man/half animal gods for the future sake of Afrika.  Attah was presented to the Universe and was told by the gods of the cosmos and all that followed and the way mankind has taken cosmological facts and made them into humanistic tales –which will lead people of the future to disbelieving in science and that it would be up to them to figure it out and fix the problems on earth that the former leaders left behind.

But sometimes even the plans of the gods don’t always come out perfect. I guess perhaps you could say that the gods cared and only want good things for the people but for strange reasons, the former leaders of the world were hiding facts and changing science or perverting the minds of humans, wanting to bring control to the masses. Was it really control? Yes but it was deeper than that but what’s important is this child. What the heck are the gods going to do with this child?

“Sobek, it is best to raise the child in the way of the humid nature. Why don’t you take him out of Ethiopia and send him to Egypt? He will be a god in no time.”

“Vigor, you might as well bring him to Cesar.  Isn’t this messiah coming? Perhaps he will help us there? Besides, Ifu evoked and made a rite for us. We must follow!”

“You’re right but no need to be coy, we might as well do this now. We’re never going to get anywhere contemplating. So what, the celestial gods over us will threaten to take our powers, earth is so boring and…”

“Very well, you be the merchant and I will be the old man.”

“This is why we’re friends. I like your style, Sobek.”

“You’re new, remember that!”

“Right well, I’m grateful.”

“Hahaha you better be!”

“Excuse me. Won’t you help this old man?”

“I’m on my way to do something very important. Are you ok?”

“NO, I need your help dear.”

“Well ok, where is your family? Don’t you have anyone to help you?”

“They all died and this man just robbed me.  He’s the merchant just down this road.”

“Oh yeah, well not if I can help it.”

You can probably just for now call them devils because they were so rotten for the way they got her attention but with Princess warriors come hard headedness and that needs sometimes a little bit of the “slick” – and we all know only one is slick and that is the devil.


“Hello my dear!”

“Don’t you dear me!”

Oh the holding in of laughter to the two possessed men turned into the holding of tears and breath and shaking because Vigor and Sobek wanted to laugh their underground butts off so bad that they just bursted out yelling at each other due to trying not to laugh.

“Oh is something wrong?”

“You bet something is really wrong! How do you take from this little old poor man?”

“Why he’s not an old man, in fact he’s not a man at all.”

“Huh, where did that old man go? What the hell?”

A giant crocodile appeared, which was the only way to get Eztoziah’s attention and began to warn the people

“I have to follow my grandfather’s orders to get to France to meet Vigor! I don’t have time for this!”

“I am Vigor.”

“Wait – how and what happen to going to France?”

“Your grandfather knew that you would eventually try to help so many people that you would never make it out of Ethiopia, but you made it this far and now we need to get you to Attah.”

“Wait, what? Who’s Attah”


Of the people of old who killed Vigor in his life as a human in France before he became a god, knew that the French society as a whole, would not stand for it because of the old fear of those of who foolishly handled things of an esoteric nature at the time. There was so much turmoil which was of a karmic nature. However, it was a matter of science being actual. So the people of France (or I should say certain individuals in charge with political power) made it so that anyone who dug up any information about him would only find negative and unfortunate information leading to an impostor of evidence that maintained lies about Vigor the Great. This is why Vigor became a god.  He was innocent and was asked by the elder gods to help the people of earth. So Vigor and Sobek had shown the Queen the Book of the Dead and told Vigor that the new Mother of Afrika was to rise but that she would need to go into exile for a short time. Vigor and Sobek thought it to be good for the boy to be in her hands. He said that if he had raised the boy in the ways of only the left that the young boy would be found out and killed; and that if he was raised by Vigor’s people, that he would grow up self-centered and self-righteous. The gods agreed and told Queen Eztoziah to flee into Ethiopia for exile. She would know that it was right when she reached a young boy whose third eye glowed green, which caused her eyes to glow green 3 hours before the dawn. She is to take the boy away from the area into the furthest southwest of Ethiopia and settle, for there would be a tempest like never before. This was one of the many anachronisms that were to happen on earth according to prophetic text.

The tempest was like nothing seen before.  It included electrical currents made by energy that is outside of the planet but not even in the outer worlds. This was black magick and it was not the right of way for any of the energies to partake in these behaviors with the gift of the elements. If the energies continue it could start celestial wars. This would not be good. A giant crocodile came out of the deep onto land and began to speak to the people about uniting all of Afrika, but the people were afraid and angry that this crocodile would come and threaten their ways.

“People of Ethiopia, please don’t be afraid!  Come to my home which is Egypt and unite with the people and spread love and assistants throughout all of Afrika.”

“Ag, my goedheid, ons gaan almal di” the people of Etiopia shouted.

The thing was that the giant crocodile had a soft voice was not malicious in the least bit. Sure, he was big enough to eat large boats filled with warriors but didn’t have any intentions of harming the people. There was only one thing, a warning that if people all over the world allowed hate to rule over love, the sphere of love, home to humans would cease to exist because all that hate would collapse the globe.

Attah was raised by Eztoziah and she made him into a warrior to protect her work in creating half-bread animal gods to send into the future to help the people of Africa spread all over the world.


Fredrick Opens The Gate of Freedom

So yeah, that’s why I need to really stop smoking this crap! I really think all this energy science will help me create this reversal code for the world and to heal humans so that they don’t need medicine. Since I am of the Attah tribe, we’ve been gifted to know all sciences and work them without repentance.

And then there is my reality…I don’t know what I’m going to do about that money I own that janitor. I hope something great comes from this, I can only do this but I must do it with every particle of every molecule in my soul. I don’t know how I’m even thinking like this when all I wanna do is disconnect from life through pleasure that appears to have been made a discrepancy by the law. I can do this. I can walk away from the sulfur that makes me believe it is more pleasurable and higher than biological purpose when it’s really a lie. What is it about life that in every part of the world, when a beautiful thing happens and there is a stipulation of love, everyone falls apart. People don’t fall apart when you show them that they can be good at mayhem because they conquer all of it accept love.